Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Holidays.. Gingerbread Houses!

Have you ever made a Gingerbread House? Do you make one every year? 

I have made a few in my day.. 
 probably the most memorable was one that my mom and I helped do while we were watching a neighborhood kid!  
I don't really remember making a lot of houses as a child so this was one of my first memories.. I think I was in middle school and we were watching our neighbors grandson while they were out, and as a "fun" activity they brought over a Gingerbread house kit.. what was suppose to be fun and easy turned into duck-tape.. staple gun and the most UN-edible Gingerbread house ever!  But like I said although it didn't turn out exactly how planned it sure did make it memorable and believe it or not I have made a few since!

This year I picked up a kit from Trader Joe's my roommates and I are planning on creating our house this weekend!  I'll let you know if any glue guns or duck tape are needed!

Love the simplicity of this one!

Check this out...

Have you ever made a homemade one? and how cute are these tiny ones...

Happy Holidays and a Very Happy Thursday to you all
.. only 16 days til Christmas!!!

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