Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I've been up to the past few weeks....

This month has really flown by!!!! Where does the time go?! 

Anyways.... We have been busy busy! We went to Louisville so Ben could see his favorite band, the Pixies. Concert was interesting to say the least. I was just excited for the shopping the next day :) we went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe for breakfast. Ah-mazing!!! 

Then went down to the Zappos outlet and found these boots!

Love them! The Zappos outlet is hit or miss, but when you can find something you like and in your size, you get great deals! 

That weekend, we went back to Louisville to go to Churchill Downs with Ben's family. We had a great time, and Ben even hit a Super Trifecta! It only paid out $60 some dollars but still very cool he picked it!! Too bad it wasn't a larger bet.....

The next day, a few girlfriends and I headed down to the Holly Day Market put on by Lexington's Junior League. I found a few Christmas presents for others, and of course, some things for me/around the house stuff now! 

Some vendors that were at Holly Day Market that I bought from and loved:

Table Jewelry

The next week of work flew by! And we had our school carnival on Friday night. My classroom held a bake sale to raise money for our Community-Based Instruction trips! It was a success, but it was a lot of work to get ready for. I spent all Thursday night baking things for the bake sale, and for the kiddos to make. 

We found a few ideas on Pinterest for thanksgiving-themed desserts to sell. Here are the picture from Pinterest, I forgot to take pictures of our actual product, but they looked the same! Look how cute they are!

Sunday-Tuesday I went to a conference in Louisville. It was the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children at the Galt House and I went with my good friend and fellow teacher Tracy. We had a great time and loved all the breakout sessions we attended! I love attending trainings and seminars such as the one this week, it gets me so excited about my own classroom and the impact we have as educators. 

The decorations around the Galt house were beautiful!

Today, I'm cleaning the house, running errands, and packing our bags to head down to Glasgow for Thanksgiving. Perry can't wait :)

Speaking of Mr. Perry, he has a BIG birthday coming up this weekend!! I can't believe he's already a year old :(

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