Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions!

Good morning my dears, and may I wish you all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!! I am so thankful for not only being home but being surrounded by my dear friends and family and couldn't feel more blessed!  Let nothing take away from today's most important moments of Thanksgiving!

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?  We have many here at my home, and it wouldn't be thanksgiving without them!!

It all starts the night before as my sister, my mom and I make our famous yeast rolls.. just to find them piping hot and delicious the morning of Thanksgiving..

Next we turn on the best show of the's not Thanksgiving without the Macy's Day parade!

and of course afterwards.. 

Not sure what's better Santa or all the puppies?  I guess that's why is the best day of the year, because we get both!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  May you all enjoy your families, friends and too much food!

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