Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break flew by, of course. 

But it was great to get away for a little bit, spend time with Ben's family, get things done around the house, catch up on sleep and get ready for Christmas!

Wednesday, I was busy running errands. Perry came with me in the car, and we didn't get home until a little after 5:00. I still had to pack everything to go out of town, and we were supposed to leave at 5:30. Oops! Sometimes errands can take you 30 minutes in Lexington, and other times, it can take you hours running from one end of town to the other!

We finally got out of town at a decent hour and made it to Glasgow in time to meet up with Ben's friends from high school. We didn't stay out too late because we were planning on running the Great Turkey Run in Bowling Green the next morning.

Thursday morning, Ben woke up with a sore throat and stuffed up, so we passed on the race. Ben's mom and I took Perry on a walk around the neighborhood. At least we did some kind of cardiovascular activity on Turkey Day, right?!

We had Thanksgiving Dinner around lunch time and it was amazing, as always. Ben's dad is a GREAT cook and never disappoints when it comes to big family meals. Here is a glimpse of the t-day meal:

Perry had a great time playing with all the little kids. There was a little one just over a year old, and Perry was so good with him! He would get down really low and just lick the baby. So cute!

Thursday night, some went to the movies to see the Muppet movie. I was going to go but we figured out the outlets in Tennessee were opening up at 9pm instead of midnight! We got in the car around 7:30 and made our way down there to scoop up some deals before it got crazy. 

We got there right after 9pm and made it to Brooks Brothers where everything was 40% off. Then over to Polo, which was didn't have a lot of great stuff out but I found a sweater that was originally $75 and I got it for $30 after all the discounts. Finally, we went over to the Nike outlet and found lots of running goodies! The dry-fit and sports hats were $5.60! Ben got 2 Kentucky hats, 2 dry fit hats, and I got 1 dry-fit hat to run in. We also found long sleeve tech-shirts and rain jackets to run in. Everything was so cheap in there. Most items were 40-60% off whatever the ticket price was. 

Not only did we find great deals for stuff we need/want, we found some Christmas gifts as well!! It was well worth the drive down to Lebanon. 

Friday was a relaxing day. We really didn't do a whole lot, besides run errands around town. We went to a local shoe store in Glasgow that has discounted shoes. As soon as I walked in I saw the new black uggs with the side button in my size... for $14.99! Seriously, crazy good deal. Some of the stitching is messed up on the back, so they were on mega sale. You can't even notice it, especially since they are black! I also found some cute Steve Madden Booties for $20. Love finding good deals on shoes in GLASGOW, KY  of all places, haha!

And of course, it was Perry's 1st birthday. He acted spoiled all day. I think he knew it was his birthday :) 

Saturday we went to Bowling Green for the Western Kentucky game. 

While it was a great game and a beautiful afternoon, I was obsessively checking my phone and the ESPN app for the UK-TENN game! We FINALLY beat Tennessee after a 26-year losing streak! And of all years to beat them, it was our worst season yet. But I still don't care, I proud of the team for finally beating our biggest rival! We came back to Lexington late Saturday night and decided against going out. I began to put the tree up instead. White Christmas tree with blue ornaments, aka our UK tree. I love it :) 

I still need to get a tree skirt for it though....

Today, I have been LA-ZY!!! I seriously was in bed ALL morning just laying around, watching TV and catching up on blogs! I finally got out of bed around 1:00 and decided I needed to be a little more productive. not to mention there is a large pile of Laundry I need to tackle soon. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Can you believe December 1st is only days away?! Where has the year gone.... I can't wait for Christmas though :) 27 days and counting.

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